Hidden in Plain Sight—Choices Recap

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Hidden in Plain Sight—Choices


Love them. Hate them. A generation ago, Baskin Robbins’ introduction of 31 ice cream flavors delighted many and paralyzed others. What to choose?

Our look into Mark 1 highlights 3 things about God.
God is urgent. (Immediately. Immediately. Immediately.)
God is active. (Jesus’ actions speak as loudly as His words.)
God is sovereign.

Yet, even though God is the supreme ruler and authority with the right to do and control all that He pleases, it pleases him to give us choices.
We are not off the hook.

Sunday morning we received three warnings about our choices.
1. Our Sunday School study of Mark 12:1-12 reminded us that Israel’s consistent saying “no” to God meant they did not return the fruit to God that they were designed to bear, and ultimately led God to look elsewhere for people who would say “yes” to Him instead of “no.”
2. Beth then gave a second warning birthed from Ephesians to not let our forgiveness and salvation seem boring or commonplace. God’s salvation has made our life worthwhile and we need to share that passionately with the world.
3. Lastly, Cindy shared a word that at least one among us had an infection filled with spiritual pus that needed lanced (confessed and dealt with) or else it would burst internally and spread infection further.


Is Quick Obedience just something for the super-spiritual among us to go on about? Or is huge loss the cost for those who either never listen for God to say what he wants us to do, or when we do hear, we respond like the folks in Jesus’ parable: I’m too busy to do THAT; I just got married…I just made a huge purchase…I have a busy schedule right now…

Once again, Sunday’s I Said Yes segment brilliantly illustrated another regular Dayspringer hearing God speak an assignment into their heart and soul.

And a choice was presented.

Should she say “no” since she was almost sure she couldn’t do it right then, being a single mom with two houses to care for and a full time job? Or should she stick her toe in the water and make a phone call and see if God would do the heavy lifting?

She said “yes.”

And she stepped into the assignment God had designed for her to do.
And eternity shifted as she began to bear the fruit she was created for.


Is there a choice buried in your heart calling your name? Will you say “yes” or “no?”
Your answer (and ignoring it is an answer) will carry large consequences.
The sovereign God who loves you with the depths described in Jen’s dream gives you the choice.
Choose well this day.

Review the service here:
January 19 Worship Service

May God bless you this week!

Dayspring Pastors and Elders

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