Several years ago, Pastor Jim realized God had constructed Dayspring as an Apostolic Hub with members represented as individual spokes of a wheel. Together, the wheel is in forward motion. Individually we function as spokes: connected by the center hub and the outer rim, yet daily involved in ministries that other ‘spokes’ often don’t normally see or hear of. The whole wheel does tremendous ministry in sum, and yet spokes may feel disconnect when we are only gathered together during the hub of Sunday mornings.

Following a season of sending out 6 full time pastors and their families in just over 3 years, Dayspring is launching a new season to Strengthen the Hub. After several town hall style listening meetings, it is apparent that Dayspring desires more opportunities to connect with each other and with our communities. These are essential as we Strengthen the Hub.

Six Strengthen the Hub ministries are listed below. Our hub grows stronger when more families create connections with each other and our communities. Clicking on each ministry will take you to a more detailed explanation of each one and in some cases, links to get started.

Thanks for being a vital piece of Strengthen the Hub at Dayspring!

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