Household for Household Prayer

When Dayspring became a member of Evana, our pastors each were given a designated prayer person committed to pray for us daily and regularly reach out to us, telling us how they’d recently been led to pray over us and asking us for current prayer requests.

Household for Household Prayer is a Strengthen the Hub ministry aspiring to:

  1. Have every household within Dayspring be prayed for daily in this fashion
  2. Have every household praying daily for another Dayspring household

This goal is a very timely response to Pastor Gil Michel’s call that Dayspring step into a new season to “pray and war like never before.”

If your family has children, we encourage you as parents to pray WITH your children daily.

To work at the goal of getting every household covered in daily prayer, we are asking each household to contact Pastor Kent with the family you’d like to pray for daily. He will let you know if someone is already covering that household or if it is free for you to adopt in prayer. Once you have confirmed who you are to pray for with Pastor Kent, begin praying daily for your selected household. Reach out to them a time or two each month for prayer requests and updates on how you’ve been praying for them.

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