Valuables Prayer Chest

A few years ago, God helped Pam Bartholomew find a lost piece of jewelry and God spoke to Pam that if he cares about a lost material treasure, think how much more he cares about a lost human treasure. From there, Pam and others became inspired to begin listing and praying for valuable loved ones who need Jesus. Whether they’ve never said yes to him as Savior or seem to have drifted more distant from him, loved ones that need more of Jesus have become known as “our valuables.”

For this Strengthen the Hub ministry, there is a physical treasure chest located in Dayspring’s prayer room. Inside the chest are “jewels” that represent our valuables. You’re invited to take a jewel and write a full name, first name, initials, or symbol on one of the treasures depending on how much anonymity the name needs.

Please pray for our valuables as a group and stop in, open the treasure chest, and pray over specific names or valuables.

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