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Recently one Sunday during the opening of our church service, the worship host talked about being intentional.  I want to use that word when thinking about reaching those who don’t yet know Jesus.  It would help each of us to have intentional, creative ideas already in our minds for sharing Jesus.  If we don’t think about it, we tend not to do it.  Read on to hear my idea and perhaps you could share ideas that you have used or some that you think of to try.

During the winter, my husband and I volunteer at a retirement community for missionaries.  The day is started with a chapel service.  One morning a retired missionary speaker shared one idea that he uses.

When he goes to a restaurant to eat, he will say to the server, “I’m getting ready to pray before I eat.  Is there anything I can pray about for you?”  Usually he gets an astonished but positive response.  At times he is able to pray with the person.  Sometimes that caring question leads to further conversation.

While my husband and I were on a trip recently, I decided to try that idea myself.  The waitress was a bit taken aback, but she thought and asked for prayer for her mother.  I was able to talk with her later as we were paying our bill.  She expressed how much it meant that I cared.  I was able to briefly share how much God loves and cares for her and her mother.  So be bold the next time you go out to eat and see what happens when you simply ask:  “Is there something I can pray about for you?”  -by Marilyn Harr


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