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Last January, members from the local Evana churches gathered at Camp Luz to discuss forming a singles ministry to provide connections for singles of all ages at their churches. On September 23, a group gathered again at Camp Luz to realize the goals of this January gathering.

It’s not just about singles though. From the beginning, we didn’t want that to be the identity of the group. We recognize that it’s not just singles who need to feel connection outside of their family and work circles. At times we all struggle to know how or to make time to foster those connections. As the body of Christ, who better to connect with then members of the church family? As Evana churches, we wish to connect especially with others in the network and unite to support one another. The group is open to anyone from the Evana churches looking to connect with each other and build up this family.

At Camp Luz this past week we had the opportunity to do that. We enjoyed good food, learned about each other, and got to teach some of the group new games. I was surprised at the connections made with people I hadn’t met until that night, a reminder that God unites His people in unexpected ways.

An especially important piece to this group for me is the chance to serve together at the Christian Children’s Home of Christian Children's Home of OhioOhio. Beginning in November, we plan to serve once a month at the children’s home, preparing devotions and activities to share with kids who long for connection in ways we often can’t even imagine. After experiencing trauma, abuse, and neglect for much of their short lives, I am thrilled to see how God will use this group of Evana church members to speak life and hope into these kids.

-by Kaitlyn

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