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God has placed a desire on our hearts to not only nourish the bodies and souls inside our own church, but to reach beyond our walls and nourish the bodies and souls of our community! SPRIG Kitchen is an idea that has grown from this desire.

SPRIG means Spiritual Parenting Rich In Growth.  Picture a sprig taken from a mature bush or shrub and transplanted. A healthy bush means healthy sprigs that thrive when replanted! Parents and other influencing adults, who are leaning on Jesus to be healthy, will help introduce the children to a relationship to Jesus. When they are transplanted and out on their own, may their roots grow deep because of the start they had.

On October 26 we will come together in the Dayspring kitchen! Our aim is to nurture the relationships of children and their parents through growing our roots in Jesus Christ. We will cook alongside one another and be reminded of the goodness of our Lord. We want this to be an enjoyable time of fellowship for all!

We will spend our time together preparing freezer meals. You will be able to work alongside your child to prepare a meal to be enjoyed together at home. You will also prepare a meal to share! This could be shared by welcoming someone into your house to eat with you, or perhaps giving it away to another family to enjoy. It may be your neighbor, the family with a new baby, or someone going through a stressful time. We want this shared meal to reach out beyond us and be a tangible way to share the love of Jesus.

While each family is preparing their freezer meals, there will be a meal already in the oven and ready to eat together that night. We pray that this will be a life-giving time for all who attend!

This event is meant to be shared! Parents, grandparents, or anyone in the midst of helping raise children are welcome! Our aim is to impact the next generation’s spiritual growth and enrich each child’s ability to thrive when transplanted. We pray that each child will develop a clear identity in Christ and grow richly in their faith, equipped to disciple others. This time together also allows for parents and other adults to encourage one another in their spiritual journeys and guiding of our children.

We are looking forward to our time together and can’t wait to gather together with everyone!

Please RSVP on our Meal Signup page so we are sure to have enough food ready for you to prepare and enjoy with us.

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