The Jigsaw Puzzle

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. . . how our lives are like jigsaw puzzles. We each are working on our own puzzle. For some, it’s an enjoyable activity. For others, it’s a frustrating task; and they can’t find where the pieces fit. You graciously put your hand on our shoulders and encourage us that we can do this. You point us to the place where the piece may fit, and you’re always right there to help us figure it out.

It’s interesting to watch others working on their puzzles, and see that our family, friends, and even people who have come into our lives for a brief time, have some of the same puzzle pieces that we have; but not the same picture.

For some, the frame was put in place long ago, and they are working on the body of the puzzle. Others are working to frame it in. But you continue to help each one of us work on our puzzles until the day of completion.

For now, we complete our puzzles and put in the last piece at different times. But one day, many will have the rapturous joy of placing the last piece of their puzzles all at the very same time. Maranatha!  Come Lord Jesus!

by Lorraine Broad

*Maranatha – consists of two Aramean words, Maran’athah, meaning, “our Lord comes,” or is “coming.”

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